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ANGER MANAGEMENT INTENSIVE - Group Sessions for the Court Referred

Anger Management Intensive is a 15 week live Zoom Anger Management class for the court referred. An in person option is available for locals. This class is court approved and accepting clients on a rolling admissions basis. Each session is 90 minutes in length and satisfies the requirements of your local district court. Upon a client’s successful completion of the program, he/she will receive both a statement and certificate of completion. Each of these documents will be forwarded to the client’s P.O. within 24 hours of the client’s successful completion.


*This program at the program director’s discretion may be used as a substitute for the self referred client who can prove financial hardship. “Limitations apply.*

Clients will be able to use these materials in order to satisfy the recommendation of the court and avoid violation and/or extension of their current probation sentence.  Sessions are offered at various times throughout the week in order to best meet the needs of clients who have work schedules. This program is also suitable for clients involved with the Department of Children and Families as well as individuals needing to complete Anger Management for the Registry/Department of Motor Vehicles. We work on a rolling admissions basis and are always accepting new clients.  Standard time of enrollment from intake to a client’s first session is within 2-4 weeks.  Please note that all sessions at this time are held via zoom until further notice due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

Program Costs:

Intake Fee: $100.00 | Sessions: 15 Weekly Session Rate based on a sliding scale.

*Clients experiencing financial hardship per program’s terms and conditions will be assigned a reduced fee based on a sliding scale.

ANGER MANAGEMENT IN THE WORKPLACE - Individual Sessions for the Work Referred

This live Zoom Anger Management class is custom designed for the work referred client. Topics covered include “Aggression vs. Rage, Anger Turned Outward vs. Inward, Controlling Your Anger in the Workplace, Workplace Bullying, Rapid Cool Down, Reacting vs. Responding, Stress Management and More. Clients will receive a certificate and statement of completion at the client’s completion. Length of program is customized to client/employer needs. To learn more or to enroll in this program, please contact the program directly using the information provided below.

Program Costs:

Intake Fee: $100.00 | Sessions: 15 Weekly Session Rate based on a sliding scale.


Are you a self referred client seeking help to control your anger?  Is your anger getting in the way of you having healthy relationships?  Did your partner, family member or friend suggest you seek help? Perhaps you’re having trouble at work with irritability or impulse control?  Do you have racing and/or self-defeating thoughts that often lead to aggressive behavior?  Then this is the program for you. Our Self Referred live Zoom Anger Management class is a program specifically designed to help the self referred client learn techniques to control their aggressive behavior, learn new communication styles, change negative self defeating thoughts and practice impulse control.  If you are seeking an intervention that is personal  and discreet that will help you identify your personal triggers and manage your inner struggles, then this is the program for you.  For more information, please contact the program directly at 978-290-4005 or you can enroll now.

Program Costs:

Group Sessions:

Intake Fee: $100 | Sessions: 15 Weekly Session Rate charged on a sliding scale.

*Session Fees due weekly by or before time of session.

**Clients experiencing FINANCIAL HARDSHIP may call the program directly to inquire about our REDUCED FEES OPTION .


For clients in need of an Anger Management Evaluation/Assessment to determine whether or not an Anger Management program is appropriate for them, please call the program directly at 978-290-4005 to schedule your evaluation today.  


Cost of the evaluation is: $225.00


At Anger Management Intensive we have facilitators who specialize in working with teens. Facilitators can work with the teen and their family or work with the adolescent individually. Check back with us regarding a group for teens as teen groups are closed groups that start every 12 weeks. For teens who may be in need of immediate individual sessions, please contact the program directly at 978-290-4005

Teens attending our program will be able to:

Identify angry patterns

Incorporate healthy communication skills

Recognize unhealthy behaviors and change

Face bullies

Describe the “angry brain”

Manage impulse control

Manage and regulate anger which otherwise would lead to an outburst

Demonstrate active listening skills

Implement problem-solving skills

Program Costs:

Intake Fee: $100.00 | Sessions: 15 Weekly Session Rate based on a sliding scale.

For more information regarding program costs, session overview information and the intake process, please call 978-820-5457 or call toll-free at 888-211-9279.

You can also email us at: [email protected]

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