Why Work With Faith: Emotional Intelligence Coach, Anger Management Specialist?

Faith Best is a Certified Anger Management Specialist and Emotional Intelligence Coach with a focus on relational issues and conflict management. With her extensive background in private and group coaching along with her wealth of experience in the areas of relational and communication coaching, she has helped countless individuals overcome anger, aggression, stress and dismantle destructive behaviors that lead to or contribute to poor relationship outcomes.

Whether you’re an individual seeking to overcome explosive anger or couple facing conflict as it relates to aggressive and/or destructive communication patterns, perhaps you’re seeking support with a crisis as it relates to divorce, custody, DCF or the courts, if you’re looking to make the changes that will transform your life today, then there is no better coach to help you get unstuck and experience a more fulfilled, satisfying and hope filled life.

So book a complimentary consult today and let’s begin the path to get you UNSTUCK.

Faith’s Core Beliefs:

Strong Healthy Communication is the backbone of every successful relationship.

Love is Action.

Your Attitude Controls your Altitude.

There is Power in Positive Thinking

Life is filled with seasons and every season changes. Be ready for the change.


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